Why we chose Byron Bay

Let’s start our website blog with a little bit about why we chose Byron Bay.

You see, Regan and myself moved from Melbourne to Byron Bay at the start of 2019. We have always been drawn to the area. There’s something magnetic about it, for us.

Over the years, we have holidayed here, always making our way back to the ocean. Regan previously lived in the shire, where he studied music and worked. Really, it felt like we were returning home.

We weren’t sad to leave behind the erratic weather changes of Melbourne. The things we love about Melbourne: our organic superstore, coffee shops and the treasure trove of lane ways. We have managed to replicate many of those experiences here, especially in the Arts and Industry Estate of Byron Bay - where there is a steady stream of pop-up shops, warehouse sales and dreamy cafes.

Being Chiropractors in this region, really is the cherry on top of the cake for us. We often fit in several beach swims during the week, between adjusting beautiful souls and running the clinic.

We enjoy connecting with locals and business owners, welcoming the tourists as they pass through and whomever we speak to, we all share the same fondness for this delightful sea-side town.

I can’t really articulate all the reasons we love this place, we just do. Byron Bay really is in a league of it’s own. We’re so grateful to be here!

Megan Osborne (Chiropractor)