Byron Bay Chiropractic Centre

New Patients


You're in great hands.


We make sure all our new patients feel welcome, safe, and taken care of.

During your first visit, a Chiropractor will listen to your health story, review your medical history and do a thorough assessment of your health.

We determine physical and physiological stress throughout the body, assessing its impact on your health.

From there, the Chiropractor will explain any areas that require correction, and discuss options for treatment.


For a shorter time in the waiting room, please fill out the New Patient Form and email it to us before your visit.


Here’s what you might expect during

your initial appointment:

  • Health Questionnaire

  • Relevant orthopaedic, reflex and muscle testing

  • Posture and range-of-motion exams

  • A thorough assessment of the spine and other areas relevant to your presentation

  • Care that is tailored to your situation and goals

  • Specific advice or rehabilitation/stretches.

This varies across individual patients, depending on age, and what you would like us to help with.




Q: What should I wear to my appointment?

A: Whatever you feel comfortable in. Most people wear their active-wear or casual clothes that allow easy movement.

Q: Will I have to get undressed or wear a gown?

A: We may ask you to remove bulky outer clothing items, such as coats and shoes. Otherwise, there’s no need to get undressed.

Q: Will my body get ‘cracked’?

A: Our Chiropractors are trained in a variety of techniques, some of them include manual adjustments which can produce a ‘crack’ or ‘pop’ sound, and we also have a number of other tools or methods to treat the body that don’t create that audible noise. We work with what feels right for you.

Q: I’ve had some Xrays taken in the past, should I bring them to my appointment?

A: Yes, please bring along any radiographs, medical imaging or medical reports you may have had recently, or in the past.