Serving the beautiful community

of Byron Bay.

All are welcome.

You’ll find Byron Bay Chiropractic Centre, conveniently located in the Arts and Industry Estate, Byron Bay.

We love helping people of all ages, from all walks of life. As Chiropractors, we are trained to assess the healthy function of the neuro-musculo-skeleral system and the way they integrate together. Our Chiropractors offer tailored treatment plans, specifically for your health goals.

Our mission is to partner with you to accomplish your health goals in a gentle, compassionate, and efficient way.

We aim to educate our patients in a safe environment while offering comprehensive care. We understand that life can get busy, so we have created a soothing environment, and a scheduling system that never keeps you waiting long. By combining the latest technology with traditional techniques, we focus on the healthy function of babies, children and adults.

Meet the Team


Dr Regan Osborne - Chiropractor

Dr Regan Osborne is a Chiropractor, an avid Crossfit member and co-owner of Byron Bay Chiropractic Centre. He loves making music, making coffee at home and watching NBA basketball.

Opening a clinic in Byron Bay has seen Regan return to the region. He has previously lived in the Northern Rivers for work and study.

His formal studies include a Bachelor of Health Sciences, and Bachelor of Applied Science (Chiropractic) at RMIT, Melbourne.

He is passionate about the health of people of all ages and particularly improving strength and conditioning and functional movement.

Regan utilises various Chiropractic techniques and has experience in ABC and postural correction. He also is passionate in the area of neuro-emotional health,  work-life balance and stress management for men.

Regan thoroughly enjoys his work as a Chiropractor, and constantly strives to learn more about the way the body dynamically functions.  

Dr Megan Osborne - Chiropractor

Dr Megan Osborne is a Chiropractor, an entrepreneur and co-owner of Byron Bay Chiropractic Centre.  Enjoying the simple pleasures of coastal living, fresh produce and vibrant health.

She is deeply passionate and continually expanding her knowledge in the health of women and children.

Her formal studies include a Bachelor of Health Sciences, Bachelor of Applied Science (Chiropractic) - RMIT Melbourne, and Bachelor of Science (Psychology) - USQ.

This has lead Megan to have a keen interest in the connection of mind and body, in particular, neuro-emotional health. She uses a wide range of Chiropractic techniques, and has experience working collaboratively with other healers and health professionals to assist pregnant women, children and their families.

Megan finds Chiropractic work a great joy, and is constantly inspired by the families she works with.